Expectation of Members

Club's Expectation


To achieve its aims and ambitions the club requires members that will work with it to achieve them. So members are aware of what the club expects here are a few simple expectations of members.


  1. Train as often as possible.
      The more you train the better you will become and one assumes you are more likely to be selected to play.
  2. Play for whichever team you are selected.
      One week you may be in the 1st XI and substitute for the 2nd XI the next, selection will be done for the benefit of the club as a whole. Respect the selection, do not throw a strop, politely ask for an explanation.
  3. Honour Codes of Conduct.
      These are for the benefit of the club both on and off the field and should help us gain support in the wider community and attract both junior and senior players.
  4. Pay all fees and fines promptly.
      Football clubs do not run themselves, kit has to be washed and referees paid each week.
  5. Register on the club website, maintaining the email address and mobile number.
      To assist those running the teams the club has invested in this website which allows us to maintain a database of player which can then be used to communicate through SMS and e-mail with you for team selection and other matters. This fails if your details are out of date. React to selection communications from the club via the website within 24hrs.
  6. Promote the club.
      What can we say? there is plenty, for instance, the fact that there is a new level pitch that can be played on week after week, the pavilion has SKY SPORTS, etc.